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Northside Alliance Group is the franchisor / parent company of both brands of automotive facilities.

Northside Autosports

Established in 2002, Northside Autosports has grown to become the second largest business of it's kind in Canada

Dominion Auto Centres

DAC is now ready for nation wide roll out and now accepting applications for all of Canada.

Innovative Concepts

Both of our concepts focus on two things; customer needs & frugal cash flow management. We feel these are the two core focuses any business needs to hone in on to make things work in today's economy. Both our concept have minimalist requirements for inventory, we focus on reasonably priced units rental wise, maximum road exposure and efficient floor plans.

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Competitive Advantages {NORTHSIDE ALLIANCE GROUP}

We don't run from change, we embrace it. It's the only way to thrive in today's lightning fast economy.

Alternative Payments

Alternative payment options within our chain (s) is becoming a core business development principle. We currently accept a large multitude of payment types and offer retail financing on all purchases of $800 or more. Our partnership with various retail financiers allow us to offer everything from Prime to Sub Prime financing.

Online networking has all but defined the last decade for us. Rathen then ignore the steadfast growth within most social media platforms, we've embraced it and every member of our team is now routinely taking courses, participating in developer webinars and the like activities to better our knowledge base.

Online Networking

Over the years, the inventory side of both industries has changed dramatically. Now with strategic partnerships our stores (S) can offer 1000's of brands and 1000's of services without having the burden of an on site warehouse. This has allowed us as retailers to shift our focus to client desires and improve our buying 1000x fold.

Supplier Partnerships

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